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Sharon Morgan

BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care (Open)



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Mobile Foot Care services provided across South Tyneside, East Gateshead and north of the River Wear.

Holistic therapies are provided from my base in South Shields.

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Foot care, advice and treatment of:

thickened nails




Ingrown toenails

Fungal Infections

Nail Cutting - includes fingernails


prevention advice

**treatment and management of the high risk foot - including diabetic and circulatory issues

Trained at the

SMAE Institute, Maidenhead



Initial assessment appointment/treatment £39

General Foot Care/Maintenance (1HR) £34


Verruca Treatment - first visit £48

Verruca Fortnightly follow-up £42

verrutop used for verruca treatment**

Mobile Services available

South Shields, Jarrow, Hebburn, Cleadon, Whitburn, Fellgate, Hedworth, the Boldons, Sunderland (north of the Wear), Washington, East Gateshead


Complementary Therapy services are provided at The Treatment Space in my home in South Shields.

Reflexology may be offered as a mobile service across South Tyneside, East Gateshead and north of the Wear in Sunderland on an individual basis, depending on circumstances.



An ancient technique using pressure points on the feet, hands or face to promote well-being, release tension, improve mood and aid with sleep. Reflexology is non-invasive, promoting relaxation. Each treatment is tailored to your individual concerns. Specialist techniques available for menopause, mental health and palliative care.


Using techniques developed by Ziggie Bergman, this facial reflexology session supports lymph drainage and circulation, relaxes muscles, rejuvenates skin, eases tension and encourage balance throughout the body. It will leave you feeling calm, with a general sense of well-being. A gentle yet powerful facial treatment, this truly delicious therapy is a must for anyone’s treatment wish list.


This method of reflexology has been researched and developed by creator Sally Kay. It is recognised world-wide as a treatment for lymphatic drainage. and a valid alternative to manual lymph drainage. Originally developed to support breast cancer survivors with lymphodema, it may also be helpful in the treatment of menopausal issues, auto-immune disorders, fibromyalgia, ME and other chronic illnesses.


Your holistic facial starts by choosing the plant-based and organic Tropic Skincare products which meet the needs of your skin to gently cleanse, tone and hydrate. While you luxuriate with a face mask, enjoy a mini reflexology treatment of either the hands or feet. Finish off with a relaxing and releasing neck and shoulder massage using the Balineze techniques, facial reflexology and massage.

Forearm Meridian Shiatsu Massage


A non-invasive therapy and originating in Thailand almost 2500 years ago, this therapy uses pressure points along meridians and zones of the body. Pressure and massage on specific points along these lines of the feet, lower legs, hands and arms encourages energy flow, improves well-being, promotes balance and releases tension.


Parafffin Wax has been used for many years to relieve pain and stiffness in the joints of the hands and feet. This treatment starts with cleansing, exfoliation and massage followed by a warm wax application. The warmth is left to penetrate joints and muscles to relax and ease tension. After the wax gently slips away, an application of moisturizer and finishing massage leaves the skin soft and supple.

Woman getting paraffin hand treatment at beautician
Tray of ear candling equipment


Hopi ear candles are hollow tubes of organic cotton/flax and pure beeswax used to provide a warm and soothing sensation to release congestion and tension. The treatment starts with a mini holistic facial to cleanse and waken the face. After the candling has been completed, It is followed by a relaxing and calming Balinese neck and shoulder massage. Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised.

Investment: **

  • Full appointment £40

50 minute treatment

  • Half appointment £30

25 minute treatment

As all treatments are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Full appointments are booked as a 90 minute block and half appointments 45 minute block to include pre and post treatment discussion and preparation.

**To secure well-being appointments, a deposit of £20 payable in advance by bank transfer may be required and non-refundable for cancellations within 48 hours of appointment.

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Functional Reflex Therapy

  • supporting the emotional wellbeing of children and adults with high levels of anxiety and stress
  • embracing diverse needs in a variety of settings
  • workshops for family and informal carers
  • provided only by a qualified reflexologist trained in FRT

Using the concepts of reflexology, FRT uses repetitive movements and positive touch to provide a gentle, nurturing treatment to encourages the body to release well-being hormones.

This promotes relaxation, calm and releases tension supporting an improvement in focus and concentration, a decrease in confusion and agitation, and prepares the individual for activities or learning.

Suitable for all ages.

Individual treatments

Organisation/school/care home environment

Workshops for informal carers/parents - updates at Glow Worm Place - Foot Health and Well-being

Investment from £18 per session. Contact me directly for more information.

Tropic Skincare Ambassador #061324

Tropic Skincare is an multi-award winning skincare company committed to their infinite purpose of a "healthier, greener, more empowered world".

Products are only supplied through an ambassador or the Tropic website. All products are made as demand requires and contain no preservatives or chemicals. - Beauty without compromise.

Unsure or wary of trying another skincare product? Contact me to discuss our Borrow Bags, or maybe a 1:1 guided pamper or host a shared pamper with friends.

Connect on Facebook through @glowwormtropic private group.

Check out the products on my webshop or message me for more information on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or 07596332890

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Bespoke packages available. The therapies offered can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. Ring to discuss how we can create the perfect package for you or as a gift.

Pamper events or spa get-togethers are a nice change for a hen party or get together with friends using either Tropic Skincare or Make-up products, Mature Skin Workshops with caring for self reflexology. Or if you have something specific in mind - give me a ring to discuss.

Gift Vouchers available for those difficult to buy for people in your life, or as a special thank you. Everyone enjoys an opportunity for a little bit of self care and "me" time. This can be for treatments and/or Tropic Skincare.

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Foot care products including Gehwol and Chirocream available only through reputable foot care providers can be purchased or ordered on request. Speak to me about what products would suit your individual needs.

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Freshly Groomed Nails and Toes
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Painful Foot Sole

Upcoming community involvement:

  • June 1, 2024 - 12pm to 5pm - Park View School, Chester-le-Street DH3 4BB

Tom’s Fest - Melonoma Me sponsored - Tropic Skincare, well-being information

  • July 11, 2024 - 1:30 - 2pm - Ladies Group - Cleadon All Saints Church

Foot care and Well-being talk

Quote from foot care patient: “My feet feel cheered up now” :)

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Spotlight On:

Good Foot Care

Good foot care is quite simple:

  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Wear socks that contin natural products (cotton, bamboo, wool, etc)
  • Change socks daily or if they become damp
  • File any dry or rough skin twice weekly with foot dresser/file
  • When using a file, use gentle strokes in one direction on dry skin. Let the file do the work.
  • Use moisturising cream daily, avoiding between the toes
  • For particularly dry or calloused feet use cream containing 10-25% urea
  • Any infections (ie fungal) should be attended to promptly. Speak with a pharmacist to get the best product for your needs.
  • Expensive equipment is not necessary for healthy feet
  • Make sure nails are trimmed
  • Check with family members who may have difficulty attending to their foot care needs
  • Contact a foot health care professional for advice and support

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About Me:

Hi, my name is Sharon Morgan and I am the face behind Glow Worm Place - Foot Health and Well-being. Based in South Shields, I provide mobile foot care in South Tyneside, East Gateshead and Sunderland North. I have a welcoming and nurturing treatment space in my South Shields home for holistic therapies, but can offer these as mobile in some circumstances.

I have extensive experience in the Health and Social Care, specifically dementia care, mental health services, advocacy, long-term and palliative care.

I have been a self-employed Foot Health Professional in South Tyneside, trained at the SMAE Institute, since 2015. I have been a Reflexology and holistic practitioner since 2015, gaining my Level 5 Mastership in Reflexology in 2022 from Jubilee College.